Animating in After Effects

The Man of Steel


Superman in Flight




Save the Date



Two friends of mine are getting married and asked me to design their wedding invites. This was the initial design I did for the Save the Date card.

Bats in the Evening


Supes in the Morning


Sketching in Ink

Watching Alphonso Dunn doing gesture drawings on Youtube kicked off this latest series. Beat up Moleskine sketchbook I’ve had lying around for years and a pen I found on the ground while I was out walking. I need more materials I don’t care about.

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Picked up a pup about a month ago. She’s a brindle boxer with excessive jowls and bug eyes that seem to look in 2 different directions.

Wind Up Mouse

corbyortmann_windupmouse_web2The toymaker had gone quite mad, you see. No longer creating his precious machines, he would capture the mice that lived in his factory. Sew buttons over eyes and staple feet to wheels, his final touch was the key that hooked muscle and snapped bones. Given a twist, the mouse would indeed seem very lifelike, however, the effect was seldom repeated with another crank.


I was a teenage trombonist.


Family Crest



2 lovely people I know got married and merged their names together. In honor of their new little girl, I whipped up a family crest. Whether or not it hangs above their mantle remains to be seen.

Moon Animation


Personal project. Animation done in Photoshop.